Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We are committed to respecting your privacy and recognize your need for the protection of any kind of personally identifiable information aka ‘Personal Information’ and management of your personal information; you share with us during the registration. 

To enable personalized experience and meet your requirements as our visitor or registered user, we may collect the personal information, which range from technical to non-technical information, including your location.

You may be asked to fill a registration form and provide all requisites as mentioned. When you fill the details as required, we will be able to provide you appropriate solutions to meet your requirements and you will have access to the most relevant information you searched for.

‘Personal Information’ generally refers to any kind of information that enables identification of any individual. It includes, but not limited to first name, last name, contact address, email address, phone number, communication details, location and other details that may enable personal identification. You can use the app as a job seeker and website as a job provider.

The personal information we collect is solely intended to meet your requirements and fill the gap between job seekers and employers.

Tracking Technology:

Usage of cookies and other forms of tracking technologies are very common. A ‘Cookie’ is nothing but a text file that may be used to collect the information about your activity. For example, if you search for a specific term or specific posting, the cookie tracks record the activity. The cookies and other similar technologies may recall your activity and present the same when you use the app again.

Third Party Services:

We may have ties with third party services and it is available on The third party services are extended on our behalf to enhance your user experience. We may provide information which also includes Personally Identifiable Information that you provided us during registration or available with us through tracking technologies.

The information provided to third party services is solely intended to deliver better results, programs, products, services and any other relevant information that you may need. Service providers also form an important part of and through which we manage and maintain many aspects.

We ensure that all your personal information provided to use or we have access to be protected. In addition, we also take reasonable steps to make sure that the third party service providers are obligated to us and to you in terms of safeguarding the Personal Information they accessed on behalf of us.

We do not intend to transfer or share any Personal Information without your consent or knowledge to the third party service providers for other reasons that come beyond the scope of using our app.

All the information shared by us or accessed by third party services are merely done with the intention to offer better service. Sharing or selling the Personal Information collected from our users is against our policy.

Security of Information:

We provided all security measures to protect the personal information and the data against unauthorized access to the information or unauthorized alteration, disclosure, damage or other forms of destruction of data.

We provide options and extend mechanism to update, modify, correct, remove or change your personal information whenever you require for many of the services extended. To know more about the same, you may visit the respective pages and update the details.

We strongly believe that it is necessary to share the information, whether it is personally identifiable information or otherwise with respect to investigation, prevention of any legal action, or take any legal action towards illegal activities, suspicious of fraudulent activities, any cases that result with potential threats to the physical safety or digital safety, violations of rules and regulations, misuse of the app or website otherwise as required by the law. 

User Consent

By using the app, you consent to the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy with respect to processing Personal Information as mentioned above.

Note: The terms in this agreement may be changed by us time to time.

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