Terms Of Use

Terms Of Use


Please read the ‘Terms and Conditions’ of the web and app carefully. It contains all the governing terms and conditions. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions, or you do not comply with or do not meet the provisions, you may not use the web and app or the services extended by us.

Common Terms and Definitions:

The following terms and definitions commonly apply to this agreement.

Materials: It includes all materials, methodologies, approaches, tools, plans, policies and intellectual property rights as the case may be.

Our Application and Website: It means and includes the all web pages and other apps that comes under control of AtoZmines.com, partial or whole, and includes the content, text, graphics, images, design, programming, tools and technological counterpart, database, etc used on the web and app.

Content: It includes all content in all forms from text to designs and flashes and program used on the web and app.

Design: It includes the layout, program of the design, color combination, etc used on the web and app.

Document: It refers to posting any document to the app and website, which includes job positing and resume posting.

Employer: It means a person or an organization that access the app to post a job or utilize the services to seek candidates for employment of AtoZmines’s careers and opportunities.

Employer Materials: It refers to all materials in all forms provided by employer and includes sample job posting, job posting, emails, career building material, brochures, logos, trademarks, domain names and other materials provided by the employer.

Graphics: It includes all content in form of graphical representation (logo, banner image, buttons, scrolls bars, etc), excludes the paid banner advertisements.

Services: It includes all services provided by the web and app with respect to job search.

User: It refers to any individual or an organization that uses the app for job search or seeks employees.


The job seekers and the employers / employment agencies agree to use the web and app as per our terms and conditions. The Terms and Conditions of the application and website are changed as and when required. Create a binding agreement between you as a user. Your access or visiting or usage or registration in our app or website and services implies your acceptance to agree, meet and comply with the Terms and Conditions of the platform. You agree to use the application and website at your own discretion.

Obligations related to Job Postings:

The obligation applies to all users of the application. It can be an individual user, or a user registered as an agency, etc.

You agree not to post any material that has any content which is threatening, abusive, vulgar, offensive or otherwise that is objectionable, which may or may not related to job posting.

Your post does not include any transmit chain letters or money schemes.

Your post does not contain any content that impersonate the user or contain annoying messages.

Your post does not contain any links to the any app that open up the multiple pages.

Your post does not contain any content or images or otherwise that infringe the trademark, content or intellectual property rights of any third party.

Your post does not contain any content that advertise or display any advertisement of goods, services or offers of any third party providers.

If you breach any provisions, terms and conditions of the app, which falls beyond the intended use of the app, we have all the rights to immediately terminate you from use of app.

Fees and Payment:

The payment is made according to plans of subscription, there are plans for both employers and job seekers. Please check the plans in the web and app.


To become registered user, you must provide some personally identifiable information. We ensure utmost confidentiality to the information received by us. To read more about, please check privacy policy.


We do not offer any kind of warranty on any of the information published on the app. Hence we can make no guarantee on the accuracy of the information or the opinions expressed therein. You understand that the content and wide variety of information we provide here is meant for purpose of expanding knowledge and learning some information. You should not make any final decisions based on any information provided here. Consider what you read here as a resource. Use us as a tool to learn about something, make your own judgment and a self decision. The information provided may be inaccurate or inadequate and therefore requested not to blindly bind by the information provided here.

Intellectual Property Rights:

The app is intended for the individuals or an entity that seeks employment or employees in all employable fields and recruiters who seek candidates for the respective openings. The app is intended only for the lawful purpose of job and employee search. No commercial use is entertained by us.  

This enable you an authorization to download the app, view and download the materials of the app only once for non-commercial and personal use and same for website. As an individual you should use the information or materials or job postings for commercial use.  

As an individual or as an organization you seek employees are grant with an access to view and download the copy of resumes of the job seekers intended only for the purpose of employment. Accessing the app for any other means other than using the resumes violate the terms and conditions.

We hereby offer you limited, any time terminable, and non-exclusive rights to use, access, visit or become a registered member of the app or website only for the purpose related to seeking employment opportunities. As an individual user, you abide by to use the app only for personal use.



Users should be minimum 18 years of age to become a registered member. The app is not intended to use by children under the age of 18 years.

This app is meant o bridge the gap between job seekers and employers. This should not be considered and used as an alternative for professional or expert advice in the relevant field. Users are liable for the data they enter into the application. You should not make any personal decision or any specific beauty any other decisions without getting proper clarification with respective professional. We, a comprehensive recruitment application intend to connect the employers with job seekers. We and all our alleged authorities do not hold any liability for inappropriate usage of any information as a substitute for the professional solutions. If you find any discrepancies in terms of faucal or otherwise, please inform us we will try to rectify it at the earliest possible.

In addition, any material, in any form downloaded or received in any mode through our app is always done at your own risk. Inappropriate usage of information is liable to copyright violation.

In no event, under no circumstances, we shall be held liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, punitive or any other form of damages of whatever related content, product and information.

We offer paid and premium services with enhanced job search / employee search options to our users. You can become a paid member and access the premium services as the case may be. You can cancel the subscription at any time.

Law and Jurisdiction:

In case of discrepancies, the same shall be executed in the jurisdiction of us, or as applicable.

Note: The terms and conditions in this agreement may be changed by us time to time.

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